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Book Signing

Check the EVENTS PAGE on this website to see a list of upcoming locations scheduled for book signings.


Dates will vary.

PHOTO Gallery Exhibits
Check Events Page for upcoming Exhibits
Photo Exhibits

More than 65 color and black & white photographs will be on exhibit at various galleries.


Dates will vary.

Speaking Engagements-Book Now for 2023

Several topics are offered depending on the interests of your organization.


Dates will vary.

Purchase Photographs

Photographs are available for purchase in the following frame sizes:

12"x15", 17"x21", 19"x25".  Please specify frame size.  Each image is framed with a double mat and clear glass.

How to Purchase a Photograph:

Identify photo in the Gallery by the Caption.  Specify Frame Size (12"x15", 17"x21", 19"x25").  Send an Email with this information to the Email Address at the top of this page.  You will receive a quote that will include the shipping charge.  Framed photographs are shipped within 7 days.

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